Bailey Industrial Engineering

Bailey Industrial Engineering Ltd is a specialist heavy engineering shop, able to undertake repair, strip and inspect, reconditioning, machining, reclamation, fabrication and on-site maintenance services.

Founded in 1982, Bailey Industrial Engineering has been serving UK industry for thirty years and still numbers some of the biggest and best known manufacturers in the world among its clients.



Bailey Industrial Engineering’s facilities in Newport, South Wales, include equipment capable of handling lifts of up to 40 tons in weight, and two machining workshops covering 40,000 square feet.


BIE offers conventional and CNC facilities and can perform Milling, Vertical Boring, Horizontal Boring, Turning, Slotting, Planning and Grinding operations. Using our wide range of small, medium and large conventional machining facilities, alongside CNC, our specialist workforce is able to provide a reliable engineering service.

Combining our machining and fabrication facilities, BIE manufactures a wide variety of spares for a cross section of industries including steel outlets, off-shore industries, concrete manufacturing plants and high tech process lines.

BIE is certified to BSI9000 Quality Assurance

Machining Capacity


Turning 7 No. Lathes up to 1219 Diameter X 7315 mm Between Centres
Serviced by 10 and 12 ton capacity gantry
Milling 6 No. up to 6000 mm long X 1000 mm X 2000 mm High
Serviced by 12 capacity gantry
Elga Mill 4 No. 7000 mm Long X 2000 mm Wide X 2000 mm long
Serviced by 12 and 40 ton capacity gantry
Vertical Boring 2 No. up to 1980 mm X 1220 mm High
Serviced by 5 ton capacity gantry
Horizontal Boring 4 No. up to 3000mm x 3000mm x 2000mm
Serviced by 5, 12 and 40 ton capacity gantry
Grinding 3 No. up to 300 mm Diameter X 2438 mm Long
Drilling 4 No. up to 100 mm
Slotting 2 No. up to 450 mm Stroke
Shaper 1 No. up to 660 mm
Horizontal Press 100 Ton